Appetizers + Cash BAR 

WHEN: Saturday Feburary 3rd  @7pm
WHERE: Foothills 638 W 4th St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101
COST: $12 per person helps pay for appetizers and space

UPDATE: The renovations at Footnote will not be complete in time so the event will be in the party area of Foothills 638 W 4th St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101

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    When:02/03/2018 7pm
    Where:634 W. 4th Street Winston Salem,NC 27101
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    Lara Fabian
    Elizabeth Allmon
    Jacob Harbeck
    Rebecca Perrenod
    Elizabet Puksto
    Melissa Riccobono
    Adam Riggar
    Laura Scheving
    Rachel Spadaro
    Jason Strom
    Christy Kneisel
    Kris Julio
    Corey Manchenton
    John Coyne
    Sara Lozo
    Emma Volesky
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    Renata Brewington
    Alexa Busnot
    Daphne Hayner
    Jessica Kieffer
    Mark Barilla
    Stephen Davis
    Katie Dill
    Elizabeth Distante
    Jessica Holcombe
    Tim Kottyan
    Julie McCoy
    Brian Thomas
    Manny Castillo
    Joe Rawda
    Johnathan Dowbiggin
    Colleen Murray
    Christina Rainwater
    Brian Marino
    Ollie Wheeler
    Kate McGinnis
    Ransome Coleman
    Anna Hewett
    Colleen Booth
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    Brooke Head
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    Sophie Horsley
    Lori Vera
    Jessica Cancino
    Ivan Potter-Smith
    Willow Watson
    Jenny Knott
    Steven LaCosse
    Carolin Shining
    Robert Warner
    Cat Colley
    Total 54